Ambassador Spotlight: Lindsay-Meg Walker

Joining the RF Crew in 2021, this early bird doesn’t let obstacles get in her way! With Covid messing up plans to run the New York Marathon in 2020 and 2021, this legend is determined to tackle her goal no matter what. Meet Lindsay-Meg… Tell us a bit about you. I am a sunrise chaser. […]

Ambassador Spotlight: Renee Michelle

This superstar joins us from across the sea in New Zealand. Spending her days running long and far! Meet Renee… Tell us a bit about you. I am a mother of 3 beautiful kiddies and I love custard squares and running! What keeps you fit and active? My 4 year old! He is a very […]

Ambassador Sportlight: Melissa Huizer

This strong mumma and self confessed RunFaster addict runs to help manage stress, taking her 4 year old daughter along for the ride. A true champion, meet Melissa… Tell us a bit about you. I am a 43 year old full time working mum to 4 year old Brooklyn. I have been running since 2006 […]

Ambassador Spotlight: Julie Durbhakula

Another 2021 newbie to the RF Ambassador Crew, this champion simply LOVES to run! Some may call it an obsession, but this swim instructor and coach would rather refer to it as her very own ‘me time’. Meet Julie… Tell us a bit about you. I am a mum of 2 girls and I work […]

Ambassador Spotlight: Donna Shipley

This busy lady joined the RunFaster ambassador team Ambassador Team this year. Always on the go – working, running and taking care of her gorgeous boy, she loves filling her days with all the fun stuff. Meet Donna… Tell us a bit about you. I am a solo mum of a 4 year old boy […]

Ambassador Spotlight: Rochelle O’Shea

A self-proclaimed lady of leisure, this champion certainly doesn’t sit around doing nothing! In fact, she is always on the go…running, cycling, hiking – it seems she never stops, and all with a beautiful smile. Meet the lovely Rochelle… Tell us a bit about you. I’m a wife – hubby and I will celebrate our […]

Ambassador Spotlight: Chelsea Dixon

This amazing lady is new to the RF Crew, joining our ambassador team just within the past month, but her love of RunFaster abounds! Over the past few years she’s been on a life-changing journey from non-runner to ultramarathoner and also lost 40kg along the way!! Meet Chelsea… Tell us a bit about you. I […]

Ambassador Spotlight: Paulene Christie

A busy mum, business owner and STILL managing to exercise EVERY day – there really are no excuses for this champion! Meet Paulene… Tell us a bit about you. I’m a married mum of 3, night shift nurse and business owner who in my mid 40’s, already hideously time poor, and 50+kg overweight decided I’d […]

Ambassador Spotlight: Jo Lum

Being busy is not an excuse, just ask this month’s superstar who runs her own business, is a mum to 2 teenagers, and still manages to get out for a run and ride. Meet Jo… Tell us a bit about you. Mum to two teen daughters aged 14 and 15. Wife to Shannon of 18 […]

Ambassador Spotlight: Rachel Allworth

Introducing our very own running expert, Rach. Is there anything Rach can’t do? We’re yet to find anything. This happy-go-lucky chick will inspire you to move, achieve your goals and laugh til your belly hurts (just don’t park in her car spot!). Meet Rachel… Tell us a bit about you. I’m 46 years old. Have […]

Ambassador Spotlight – Kelly Dicketts

This month in our RunFaster Ambassador Spotlight, we meet Kelly who loves to keep fit and active, and is the queen of the jump shot! Tell us a bit about you. I’m a mum to 2 beautiful, smart and funny boys, ages 13 and 10 – still coming to terms with having a teenager! My […]

Ambassador Spotlight – Erin Estares

A life-changing decision led this champion to a whole new way of living and has also inspired her to do the same for many others. Meet Erin… Tell us a bit about you. Over 5 years ago I was so miserable in every aspect of my life, I didn’t like how I looked or felt, […]