Why Routine is Key to getting through Lockdowns

As a coach I often help my runners set themselves up for success by establishing a routine. This ensures they get through their planned run sessions without letting anything get in their way and becoming an excuse. To begin, I ask them to list all the essentials they need to make sure they do, such […]

Banana Pancakes

Who doesn’t love PANCAKES! Every body loves pancakes, but if you’re trying to enjoy yourself while making better choices, it can be tricky! Thankfully with clever recipes like this, you can enjoy yourself without the guilt. Ingredients 2 bananas 2 eggs 4 tablespoons all purpose flour Toppings of choice (e.g. maple syrup, strawberries) **Optional – […]

Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins

We welcome sugar-free options wherever possible! And this recipe is no exception. A great alternative while still hitting those sugar cravings! Win! Ingredients ½ cup Blueberries, fresh 1.5 cups almond flour 2 eggs ½ cup sour cream or plain greek yoghurt 60g natvia 1 tsp baking powder 2 tsp vanilla extract Method Preheat oven to […]

The Importance of Adequate Iron for Runners

The food we consume as runners is our fuel. When it comes to our nutrition as runners we often have a high focus on our macronutrients, specifically, carbohydrates and protein, but micronutrients are necessary, too and unfortunately sometimes we overlook them. This article will focus on the importance of iron for runners. We know that […]

Mixed Berry Breakfast Smoothie

Ingredients 3/4 cup milk, of choice 1/2 cup greek yogurt 1 1/2 cup frozen mixed berries 1/2 a frozen banana, chopped Optional extras; chia seeds, peanut butter, protein powder and/or honey Method Place all ingredients into blender and mix until smooth. Recipe by Nutritionist Tammy Mond.

Butter Bean and Date Brownies

Looking for a delicious mid-afternoon snack? This one is perfect for hitting your cravings while keeping you going until dinner. Ingredients 800g canned butter beans (2 cans) 50ml water 500g apple sauce 400g self-raising flour 3-4tsp baking powder 5tbsp cocoa powder 4 eggs 12-15 dates 2tsp Vanilla extract (or alternative of choice) Method Preheat oven […]

Postpartum Running Nutrition Tips

Although new mum’s are often tired, I think it is fair that ‘running’ mums are usually very eager to get back into running. Postpartum running is something us running mums look forward to, however when it comes to getting back into it, we do need to make sure we are consuming the right foods and […]

Anzac Biscuits

Everyone loves an Anzac Bikkie! Check out this crowd favourite thanks to Tammy! Ingredients 60g butter 40g maple syrup (or equivalent of choice) 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda 60g rolled oats 75g plain flour 35g natvia 25-30g desiccated coconut Method Preheat over to 160 degrees, fan forced. Prepare tray for baking (either grease or use […]

Bodyweight Strength Workout

Strength is an important factor to anybody’s health regardless of age, shape, or ability. Strength training helps to ensure your strong and fit, but it can also help with bone and muscle development. It can help with your overall movement and reduce the effects of chronic diseases. Even if you are training for a marathon […]

Ambassador Spotlight: Paulene Christie

A busy mum, business owner and STILL managing to exercise EVERY day – there really are no excuses for this champion! Meet Paulene… Tell us a bit about you. I’m a married mum of 3, night shift nurse and business owner who in my mid 40’s, already hideously time poor, and 50+kg overweight decided I’d […]

High Waist vs. Mid Waist

Unlike most activewear brands, at RunFaster each of our prints and styles come in both High and Mid waist options. So which is the right fit for you? High Waist Depending on the length of your torso, our high waist options will sit above your belly button. High waist is a wonderful option for supporting […]