RF Aquafit: what you need to know.

It almost sounds too good to be true, a fabric so awesome you can run to the beach, swim, and run home with no chaffing, adjusting or discomfort. As if! Welcome to RF Aquafit. This fabric is one of our most popular for good reason. It’s soft, buttery, stretchy and firm. An awesome option for […]

Top 5 reasons to wear the bright tights

Gemma & christy running

By Gemma Holly one of RunFaster’s amazing ambassadors! My first running outfit was my old soccer shorts. Then I bought my first “running uniform” – an aqua singlet and black ¾ tights. I definitely felt more like a proper runner when I had the right gear. But soon enough I started admiring those ladies rocking […]

Running Mums Australia Review

Recently we had 2 lovely ladies Jemma & Jo from Running Mums Australia review a pair each of our new high waist range.. Here is a snippet of their reviews. For the full post follow the link.. http://runningmumsaustralia.com.au/2015/08/14/review-run-faster-gear-tights/ — Jemma I’ve owned cheap tights and also paid over $120 for brand name tights. I prefer to […]

Rachel’s Runners Review

Rachel’s Runner’s Review During the past couple of months I have had the chance to wear test some funky Rola Moca tights from online store RunFaster. The first thing you notice about the Rola Moca tights from RunFaster is that they’re bright! The colours are almost fluorescent and backed with shades of white makes these […]

Running Mums Australia Review

Running Mums Australia Every now and then Running Mums Australia are contacted by companies who want to market their brand to our members. We take care in carefully choosing who we think best fits our membership and what products we think our members would be most interested in. This means that we can also access […]