High Waist vs. Mid Waist

Unlike most activewear brands, at RunFaster each of our prints and styles come in both High and Mid waist options. So which is the right fit for you? High Waist Depending on the length of your torso, our high waist options will sit above your belly button. High waist is a wonderful option for supporting […]

High Waist VS Mid Waist

High waist tights and mid waist tights comparison

One of the more common questions we get asked is what is the difference between the high waisted and mid waisted styles. Here you can see the height difference but it can depend on a bit on how long your torso is as to where the waistband sits. Shop > High Waist Shop > Mid […]

The Essentials Range

High waisted black tights with pocket feature

Hey ladies, I just wanted to post a little insider info for our new essentials range page you may have seen pop up on our website recently. As many of you already know we very rarely repeat prints, partly to keep an exclusivity to the range but also so we can release new prints more […]